Our vision

OLDSKOOL likes to brew beers in a NEW format. A focus on old beertypes with pure love for the classic & modern hops. A great combination for balanced beers which ought to be enjoyed slowly. The main goal of OLDSKOOL is to educate beerlovers, breweries, pub owners and liquor shop owners with the message that it is possible to brew great quality beer with the right people and the right ingredients. For regular consumers we like to point out there is a lot more out there than a regular Duvel or an artificially sweetened Bockbeer.

However, since the biggest part of the Dutch specialty beer market consists out of fairly low quality brews or brews with sugars and herbs, we thought it was time for a change. The Dutch intention of brewing is to go back to “old” beer types and back to our brewing roots, which lay in British and German styles. Therefore we try to reduce the influences from USA and Belgium.

Hence all OLDSKOOL beers are brewed:

  • According to the Bayerisch Reinheitsgebot, without any additional sugars/ spices / acid
  • At a selected Dutch location
  • Brewed by a different expert every time.
  • With the recipe, enthusiasm and beerlove from one of the youngest International Beersommeliers in the world, Dennis Kort.

OLDSKOOL is now and will stay a rental brewery. We are in a constant search for the best professional Dutch brewers. Our (Dutch) motto is “Speciaal bier is goed, maar specialer bier is beter.” Which can be roughly translated into something like: “Specialty beers are good, but craft beers are better.”