Our history

Owner and brewer drs. Dennis Kort always dreamed of having his own brewery. Because of his work at Slijterij Nijsten, the Texels Brewery and Brewery St.Christoffel, Dennis gets fascinated by beer. After his work at these breweries, he follows the courses of StiBON to broaden his beer knowledge. After finishing Doemens in Austria he became the second youngest beer sommelier in the world. He still is the youngest beer sommelier in the Netherlands.

No brewery was located in Eindhoven at the time. Therefore he established the first brewery of Eindhoven in September 2012, called OLDSKOOL. Besides his work for OLDSKOOL, Dennis is also active as agent for German brewery Schneider Weisse, as unique wholesaler of craft beers, as ambassador of the Brussels Beer Challenge, as judge for several beer awards, and more.


OLDSKOOL beer timeline:

2012 Start at Bronckhorster, Classic British
2013 Start at De Hemel, Hopfen Weisse Serie
2014 Start at Maximus, Classic German
2016 Start at Jopen, Burton and Black Ales
(Later this year) Start at Ramses, Classic Dutch