mandarinaMandarina Bavaria Hopfen Weisse

As the name already indicates, the Mandarina Bavaria hops have an aroma of orange / mandarin. Accordingly, these fruity tones can also be found in the taste of the beer.

Alc./Vol.:                   8.0%
Availability:               33cl bottle; 50cl bottle flip-top bottle; keg/draft
Food Pairing:            Burritos; Traditional Bavarian dishes like pretzels and weisswurst


Galaxy Hopfen Weisse

Still the best beer in the Hopfen Weisse series. Unfortunately the Galaxy hops have not been available for us the last two years. It is still unknown when our Galaxy Hopfen Weisse will return.

Alc./Vol.:                   Originally 7.8%, will be 8.2%
Availability:               Currently unavailable
Food Pairing:             Mango-chutney; young (grass) cheese


Ella Hopfen Weisse

The Ella hops come from Australia. As the little sister of Galaxy it is characterized by its fruity aroma. Ella are powerhouse hops with everything you can desire. Mega fruity beer with a brand new kind of hops.

Alc./Vol.:                   8.0%
Availability:               33cl bottle; 50cl bottle; 100cl flip-top bottle; keg/draft
Food Pairing:             Chicken curry with pineapple; tropical fruits; Fenugreek cheese


Mosaïc Hopfen Weisse

Chosen as 'Best Summer Beer of 2015'. Also praised by several foreign experts as one of the best beers Netherlands has to offer. Mosaïc hops come from the USA and distinguish themselves with a peach-like aroma. This combined with a full Weissebock of 8,2% gives a wonderful brew.

Alc./Vol.:                   8.2%
Availability:               33cl bottle; keg/draft
Food Pairing:             Prosciutto melon; Pêche Melba; nettle cheese

The following beers from the Hopfen Weisse serie are limited available or out of our assortment.


Hallertau Blanc [7.8%]

Simcoe [8.2%]

Sapphire [8.0%]

Pilgrim [7.8%]

Bramling X [7.8%]