All OLDSKOOL beers are available in the Drinkers Pub, a unique craft beer café in the heart of Eindhoven.

Besides that OLDSKOOL beers are housebrews, there also are always enough OLDSKOOL beer from draft.

The Drinkers Pub has 30 beers on draft, 1000+ beers in total and serves pub food.

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Scroll down to see the two housebrews we made for Drinkers Pub


Coming soon in the Drinkers Pub.

Alc./Vol.:                     6.0%

Triple Sec

The first housebrew for the Drinkers Pub! According to the Reinheitsgebot. A full malt Triple of three sorts of grain. Officially named as the substitution of the dreadful "Palm" Karmeliet. Named after the liquor Triple Sec, an orange liqueur, because of the Mandarina hops.

Alc./Vol.:                   8.0%
Availability:               Keg/tap (excl. for Drinkers Pub)
Food Pairing:             Fruit salades; Bowland cheese; desserts