The Brewery


Owner and brewer drs. Dennis Kort always dreamed of having his own brewery. Because of his work at Slijterij Nijsten, the Texels Brewery and Brewery St.Christoffel, Dennis gets fascinated by beer. After his work at these breweries, he follows the courses of StiBON to broaden his beer knowledge. After finishing Doemens in Austria he became the second youngest beer sommelier… [read more]



OLDSKOOL likes to brew beers in a NEW format. A focus on old beertypes with pure love for the classic & modern hops. A great combination for balanced beers which ought to be enjoyed slowly. The main goal of OLDSKOOL is to educate beerlovers, breweries, pub owners and liquor shop owners with the message that it is possible to brew… [read more]



You can’t run a business on your own. Of course you’ll need other people to succeed in the things you do. As agent of Schneider and ambassador of the Brussels Beer Challenge, we have a direct relation with the both. Because we are a rental brewery, we brew our beer at the best locations in the Netherlands. Dutch craft beer… [read more]



Over the past few years I, drs. Dennis Kort (27), have been giving workshops and master classes regarding beer. I have visited over 250 breweries in 10 different countries, and I have an immense passion for beer. With my enthusiasm & knowledge, I can organize and support any workshop. In the past I have provided several events like: Training for… [read more]