Homage to the Schumacher and Kürzer alts of this world. Full malts in a classic Schumacher ratio: 2/3rd Munich and 1/3rd Vienna Malt. The use of Aurora hops gives this beer a fresh pineapple flavour.

Alc./Vol.:                   7.0%
Availability:               Currently unavailable, expected end of 2016
Food Pairing:             Haxe; Himmel; Ad; other dishes from the Düsseldorf region



Oktoberfest beers regularly are classic bottom-fermented Bayerish specialities. As the only one in this style in the Netherlands, this 'Roggen' tastes a little like rye bread. Additionally, the combination with classic hops and classic yeast makes it a good alternative for a Pilsner.

Alc./Vol.:                   6.0%
Availability:               Keg/draft
Food Pairing:             Pretzels