Wolter de Bes, a born entrepreneur with 10 years of experience, is the driving force behind one of Netherlands most beautiful cafés.

CASPAR, a hospitable and modern ‘brown’ grandcafé, located in Klarendal, Arnhem,

His passion for craft beers and his hospitality, made Wolter decide to serve his clients more than just the standard. Over the past few years Wolter has come up with a lot of ideas for beers. These ideas are getting realized via Brewery CC by OLDSKOOL.

More information can be found here.

Scroll down to see the two housebrews we made together for CASPAR!


CC American Wheat Ale

 This American Wheat is named after the creator of the original recipe of Pierre Celis' Hoegaarden. Malted wheat was on the program of this this recipe, fitting perfectly in OLDSKOOLS Reinheitsgebot. Without the spices and sugars, but with the use of many different Citrus (C) hops, taking care of the fruity tones in the beer.

Alc./Vol.:                   5.8%
Availability:               33cl bottle (excl. for Slijterij van Pernis);
                                   keg/draft (excl. for Caspar & Drinkers Pub)
Food Pairing:             Everything associated with the summer and BBQ

Triple CC

A full malt Triple with a big wink to the father of all triples: Westmalle. A unique triple with Westmalle yeast and Mandarina Bavaria Hops. Triple CC contains a big pile of hops and has, besides the basic Triple flavours, a fresh bitter aftertaste.

Alc./Vol.:                   8.0%
Availability:               Keg/draft (excl. for CASPAR)
Food Pairing:             Desserts with a lot of sugar