A classic bottom-fermented doppelbock. A style that is highly lacking in the Netherlands. A beer with classic malts (including an oatmeal twist) and classic German hops. Tastes slightly like liquorish or even salmiac.

Alc./Vol.:                   8.0%
Availability:               Seasonal, keg/draft
Food Pairing:             Heavy red meat dishes and of course liquorish



A classic top-fermented speciality from Munich. Ainbockish is the oldest bockstyle we know. A very basic malt bill with 98% Münich malt and 2% chocolate. Tastes like a fancy version of a Dunkel, a common beerstyle in Bavaria. The addition of Hüll Melone Hops give the beer a somewhat fruity taste.

Alc./Vol.:                   6.5%
Availability:               Seasonal, keg/draft
Food Pairing:             Stews


Nameless Weisse Doppelbock

(Previous known as: Shut the B*ck Up!)

An one-time collaboration between OLDSKOOL and Rockin' Ludina (Groningen). This Weissebock has a nice and fruity taste, with a dark colour and a tasty, fresh hops aftertaste. The name 'Shut the B*ck up!' will continue under Rockin' Ludina. The beer itself will be renamed by OLDSKOOL.

Second place in the category 'Best Craft Bock Beer' at the PINT Bokbierfestival 2015.

Alc./Vol.:                   8.2%
Availability:               33cl bottle; 50cl bottle; 100cl flip-top bottle; keg/draft
Food Pairing:             Dark Weissebocks are extremely versatile on the diner table